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  • My name is Rio. This is the part where I put words that make me sound cool and interesting, but also not intimidating so that I still come off as approachable.

    I'm into things like Dramatical Murder, Animal Crossing, and horses. Also writing and cosplay.

    Sometimes NSFW.


lame redraw of mink n aoba motorcycle scene

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    lame redraw of mink n aoba motorcycle scene


    i’m actually pretty cool just give me like 5 tries to get it right

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    [DMMD Fic] Forty Bones [7-9/?] (MinAo)

    Forty Bones
    (Other chapters)

    Rating: T for now, M in future chapters.

    Summary: Aoba never thinks much of the florist shop he works next to, more preoccupied with making a living as a part time barista and full time sass master. But then one day he’s forced to enter it, and finds what he’s been missing out on all along. Or really, who.

    Notes: This is a commissioned piece, so if you’d like a commission of your own you can find more info here. Many thanks to Niji for beta’ing. Also happy birthday to the main man Mink himself. What a great lug.


        The florist comes during a slow lull in the late afternoon. The quiet time when the it‘s too late for an afternoon pick me up, and not quite late enough for the hipsters and the get-to-know-you coffee dates to start trickling in. There’s a quick gust from the chilled outdoors as the door opens, the small pile of straw-wrappers and spilled sugar packet that Aoba had been sweeping up scattering easily across the floor.

        He looks up without really focusing on the customer, flashes the practiced smile he gives to all customers. Small, kind, and simplistic. Not much effort.

    “Welcome,” he says warmly as he straightens up. “I’ll be with you in one moment.”

        It’s as he brushes his bangs from his eyes that he recognizes who it is.

        His heart gives a little twist in two different directions. It hurts and it’s nice at once, a sweet kind of excitement and anxiety.

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