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  • My name is Rio. This is the part where I put words that make me sound cool and interesting, but also not intimidating so that I still come off as approachable.

    I'm into things like Dramatical Murder, Animal Crossing, and horses. Also writing and cosplay.

    Sometimes NSFW.


    i want a boyfriend so i can take a picture of his hand on my thigh and upload it on tumblr


              that’s when you picked up that allmate’s body.
                        i thought it was my   c h a n c e .

    To everyone that’s been aware of my situation, I just want to give a huge amount of thanks to all the people that have come forward to help, be it through donations or by reblogging to get my predicament out there. You’ve all helped me an incredible amount to try and get through this situation, and there’s no way I could even begin to express the huge amount of gratitude I feel toward you all.

    Thank you so, so much.


    As I’m currently between jobs, I’m returning to commissions as a source of rent and utility money while I look for new work (because let’s be real, beds and running water are both pretty neat things).

    My rates are $5 USD for every 500 words, and I take payment through paypal. You can check this tag and my Ao3 right here to see examples of things like DRAMAtical Murder, Attack on Titan, and Homestuck. From gen fics to fluff to whatever smut you want, regardless of the pairing (this includes fan characters) or kink, I will write it.

    You can contact me through my ask or submit box, and from there we’ll discuss how long you’d like the fic to be and the characterization you want to see, since I think we all know that in fandom it can vary pretty wildly. (Of course if you’re wanting me to write for fan characters, we’ll discuss it more in-depth.)

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and even if you’re unable to commission anything at this time, I’m deeply grateful to anyone who is able to reblog it.

    Hey everyone, just a quick reminder that I’m very much open for commissions, especially given the difficult circumstances I’m in right now.