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  • My name is Rio. This is the part where I put words that make me sound cool and interesting, but also not intimidating so that I still come off as approachable.

    I'm into things like Dramatical Murder, Yowapeda, Animal Crossing, and horses. Also writing and cosplay.

    Sometimes NSFW.

    Jul 24th at 9PM / via: foxleap / op: foxleap / tagged: here comes the queue queue train. / reblog / 164,603 notes

    The worst thing is when people post and I see I can reply, because I have absolutely no word filter when it comes to replying. 90% of what I reply to comes off as half-affectionate, half-bullying.

    Things I learned from this: it’s basically impossible to wrap your legs around someone while wearing platforms and bootcovers, especially when they’re a solid foot taller than you.


    AX 2014