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  • My name is Rio. This is the part where I put words that make me sound cool and interesting, but also not intimidating so that I still come off as approachable.

    I'm into things like Dramatical Murder, Animal Crossing, and horses. Also writing and cosplay.

    Sometimes NSFW.


    if plane tickets were ten dollars i would fight every one of my mutuals

    Anonymous: Hello! How are you? You were the one who wrote the rusame fanfic, The Companion right? I just wanted to tell you that although it isn't finished and you have your reasons, I really really enjoyed it! Thanks for making it in the first place!

    I just got back from the gym so I am sweaty and pumped, but in a good way, haha. Thank you for the message of appreciation, it’s always nice to hear that people still enjoy those stories from older fandoms. And it’s even better when they’re understanding that I haven’t finished a few, since I’m used to people trying to cajole me into continuing. Believe me, if I could remember the ending I would definitely write it.

    (At least now I always finish, promise.)

    Anonymous: Good evening! I like your idea about a fic about mizuki and the alphas, I had never though of that combo to be honest but thinking about it would be awesome! I found your fan fic Forty Bones and fell in love with it -w- I am looking forward to getting a job so I can request a commission fic from you in the future (^o^)/

    Aah gosh, thank you so much for this ask and all your kind words. I truly appreciate that you’ve taken the time to let me know how much you enjoyed my AU idea, and also my writing. I hope you all the best with your job search, pal.


    [DMMD Fic] Forty Bones [10-11/14] (MinAo)

    Forty Bones
    (Other chapters)

    Rating: T for now, M in future chapters.

    Summary: Aoba never thinks much of the florist shop he works next to, more preoccupied with making a living as a part time barista and full time sass master. But then one day he’s forced to enter it, and finds what he’s been missing out on all along. Or really, who.

    Notes: This is a commissioned piece, so if you’d like a commission of your own you can find more info here. Many thanks to Niji for beta’ing.


        Three days go by without any sign of Mink. Aoba tells himself he doesn’t see him because, well, he has two of those three days off. Not that he spends them accomplishing much. He finds himself housebound as the storm settles in for the weekend. It ebbs and flows like ocean waves, sometimes pulling back, nearly revealing the sun before its crashing back down again, all hard hail and pelting rain.

        He thinks he hears a motorcycle once or twice, gets up to rush to the window, hands on the sill as he peers out. The road outside is empty each time. When night falls and he tries to sleep, body restless and unable to keep from fidgeting, he knows exactly what keeps him awake.

        Emotions are stupid things, and he wishes he could shut them off with the ease of a button.

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