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  • This is the part where I put words that make me sound cool and interesting, but also not intimidating so that I still come off as approachable.

    I'm into things like Dramatical Murder, Attack on Titan, Animal Crossing, and horses. Also writing and cosplay.

    Sometimes NSFW.

    Dad passed away tonight, so I’ll be inactive for a while longer.

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    Everything is so hard right now.

    Dad is in a vegetative state, and has been since he went into cardiac arrest two weeks ago. But when you think about a vegetative state, you generally think of something that, while awful, is still somewhat peaceful.

    It’s not exactly like that, and that makes it worse. He turns his head sometimes when you speak to him (or because the ventilator tube and all the needles bother him), and his eyes will move on occasion without being able to focus.

    Today when I told Pam I was going to sit outside for a minute, his head followed as I stood and spoke. Then he started crying.

    And yesterday, his eyebrows were knit in pain, and even the nurse noted it before giving him more sedatives. But he’s not there. I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t even know what else to say.

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    Permission to cuddle granted. As is permission to use my hip as a pillow.

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    Permission to cuddle granted. As is permission to use my hip as a pillow.

    Hmm, I think she wants to cuddle.

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    Hmm, I think she wants to cuddle.

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    My dog is so darn great. The greatest dog. I love waking up on my side and finding she’s curled up in the hollow behind my knees, and snoozing with her head on my thigh.



    california is making the big step of separating itself from this shitty country by earthquake goodbye america we are Leaving

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    The past two Mondays I’ve been running five miles straight, because I figured then I could say I was able to run a 5k.

    I only just recently discovered that a 5k is 3.1 miles.

    Which is already what I run five days of the week.